Amsterdam 1 day trip Bucket list | 1 day Netherlands

Welcome to Netherlands

Just in 2019 we have visited Netherlands 5 times already. Yet we never have enough time to do a lot of sightseeing.

Yet every time we have managed to use one day for trips around the place we had business or race in. This started in Amsterdam:


Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ capital, known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades, legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age. Cycling is key to the city’s character, and there are numerous bike paths.

We haven’t used any bikes for being honest. But we did walked a lot

  1. City centre
    This is where most of life is happening. You can find a lot of little Cafes in here. But don’t get fooled! Cafe with K is the coffee, and cafe with a C is the other type of place 😉 Walking around the city without any plan is allowing you to discover the less-used by tourists places, which is also changing the feel of the place. I personally avoid tourist traps.
  2. Red light district
    Unfortunately we couldn’t stay in Amsterdam for a night this time, so we have visited the red light district during the day. It wasn’t as impressive at this time, but if You have a chance to visit after sundown – it is surely on the bucket list (and it was the most asked question when I said I am going to Amsterdam) 
  3. Bloenmarkt
    The biggest floating flower market in the world – for fans of flowers (especially Tulips) but also for fans of some suvenir shops. 
    Although I wouldn’t recommend the sweets around the area (I was personally devastated by the fact that something so pretty can be so… uncool)
  4. Cruise through canals
    That was on our bucket list since the beginning. The Trip advisor showed us the “pizza cruise”, “burger cruise”, “beer cruise” and soooo many others! It looked amazing and we really wanted to go. Unfortunately, it turned out that everything is sold out, or really late. But we have managed to find another quick beer cruise. With FLAGSHIP AMSTERDAM, And we couldn’t really be more lucky than that! The cruise had some beer on board, and amazing crew, that was funny and informative! Worth following and hopping on board!
  5. The cat cabinet (Or any house you can enter)
    Well… This is not a MUST! (AT ALL) But we wanted to see how the houses in Amsterdam look like from the inside, as well as to see how the back gardens look like (during the cruise we have been informed that they are beautiful). The cat cabinet was weird(ish) and full of cat accessories. But still worth visiting if You want to see some fancy interiors and a pretty impressive back garden.
  6. The buildings facades
    The buildings architecture is pretty special. During the black death plague in 1666 the buildings with “infected” were painted black – so no one dares to enter. Since the area is on the UNESCO list – this cannot be changed (watch the video). The buildings were also charged by special taxes:
    1. Window amount tax
    2. Window size tax
    3. Building width tax
    4. Amount of stairs needed to reach the entry door tax

      Which were the reason of most of the houses sizes and shapes. Also: when you got late with the tax payment – the government would cut the first and  last step leading to your house. So everyone knows – it’s not the best idea to do business with you.

Grab some food!

Trip Advisor recommended us a pizzeria La Perla – and OMG the food lovers – I loved every bite of the pizza and every second of the visit. 

We have also visited Mama pancake – for some sweets 🙂 
Here you have to know what do you really want, because the choice was way too big, and menu not actually clear.