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  • Train Insane Velocidrone – My game and drone settings
    My Velocidrone game and quad settings Hey guys! Many of you have asked me to share the settings I have on my velocidrone as well as my drone settings, PIDS and rates! As the Train Insane Velocidrone is picking up – I needed to come up with an answer that would fit everyone’s needs and be easy to share while not eating time on the video. Here’s full Screenshot gallery Read more
  • Why Your FPV videos don’t get many views on YouTube – and how to fix that
    Why Your FPV videos don’t get many views on YouTube!? 5 steps to fix that So… you have spent hours editing this awesome video and put it on YouTube. Now the views, likes and subscribers will totally come! This video is beyond epic! And they never do come. I know a lot of awesome creators who just don’t have a just numbers on their videos that they do deserve. And Read more
  • I drink and I know things – Dubrovnik
    Let me begin with the background: There are some places you will visit in your lifetime – that will simply change you and open your eyes for more. In may I was lucky to visit the dream city of every Game of Thrones fan – Dubrovnik (Kings Landing). I would lie if I said that it wasn’t planned to get there (I was planning it since I’ve heard about going Read more
  • Amsterdam 1 day trip Bucket list | 1 day Netherlands
    Welcome to Netherlands Just in 2019 we have visited Netherlands 5 times already. Yet we never have enough time to do a lot of sightseeing. Yet every time we have managed to use one day for trips around the place we had business or race in. This started in Amsterdam: Amsterdam Amsterdam is the Netherlands’ capital, known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades, Read more
  • Team MRO race
    The team MRO Race was organised in an old factory, which gave it some grungy effect. I was afraid of concrete and steel (rightfully so: 3 quads dead, but that later) but I had a lot of fun! Full video can be found here. We got to know about this event by incident. One of our friends during the DDS Alkmaar race and we just had to register! (Mainly because Read more