DDS 2019 Alkmaar, Netherlands

This will be the first time I will attempt to write about an event I enjoyed. (fingers crossed)

Alkmaar is a city located in the province of North Holland. Alkmaar is well known for its traditional cheese market. For tourists, it is a popular cultural destination. For us – yet another race spot!

Dutch drone squad is a group of amazing people who are organising training sessions in Alkmaar.

The race itself took place in the sportpalace in Alkmaar. And it was a first fun race event that they have organised. 

Once we arrived to the spot, we’ve found an electric car charger – unfortunately it wasn’t working (sadness). Therefore we decided to re-park in front of the entrance, and went in. 
Our eyes couldn’t believe in what we saw. The venue was pretty amazing (compared to other venues that host FPV fun events). The track was completely covered with a net, the pilots area included coffee, tea and snacks. (SNACKS!)

The track itself was more of a “technical” type, tat covered a lot of 3d elements that are not so often used during indoor races. (Watch the track here) And the crown that was holding 4 gates – was easily put up and down by a click of a button. Which meant that all the repairs took less than 5 minutes! (which also resulted in almost no delays – in drone racing: impressive) 

But as much as the track, tracking system and troubleshooting are important parts of an event – What I always considered the most important is – the community. 

The atmosphere of he event and people involved were amazing. Everyone was helpful, friendly and happy.
Literally everyone was smiling. There was no pressure (at least until finals) And we flew a lot of packs (about 10 – for a one day event that’s something)

The race system was easy: Every group of pilots was flying for 3 minutes. And during this time we were supposed to do as many laps as we can (or as many as our LiPo’s allowed us to do). I have started the race with 4 laps. And finished with 6 (evidence attached). My spotter was super excited for me and played a coach really well (THANK YOU!) I once even got out of the net just after falling on my knees in disbelief to falling the net again. How this looked like? Well… 

Watch the full video from the event.

We had a lot of fun. Dancing, laughing, making jokes. And most importantly – FLYING!

After everything that I have to say here: There was a moment where the crew was getting us well fed with sweets and apples…

As a quick summary: 

If you ever have a chance to go to the DDS event – go for it. The fun and venue are totally worth it! Also the crew is funny, professional and caring. We are totally going to visit them again, and we feel blessed about the fact, that we got invited.

See you on another race! 

Lexie and Franz