Dear 2018 – follow up… Dear friends

“2018 was… eye opening. At the end of the year initially it’s the easiest to think about all bad things that happened, and how terrible the year seems to be because of that.

It’s easy to feel disappointment when all you are focusing on are the bad things, the things that didn’t happen, or the things that you wished have had happened.

Looking back I have to admit that I have spent majority of the year feeling “out of place” unsure about a lot of things.

And it took me a while to see through that feeling and see the ‘great beyond'”

This is how my Dear 2018 video has started. It was a sign of changes. And the comments I got from all of you have inspired me to think further.
So as the first post – I wanted to share the ideas and changes that we have been working on together with Franz.

It is indeed easy to think about negative things that are happening around us. But it is also easy to see how things change.
For a couple of years I have been watching the drone industry change, mature and sometimes go downhill. It’s all the part of the growing process

And as the drone industry was growing through ups and downs – so have I.

I have succeeded, I failed, I got up, I worked towards something again. I changed, I grew, I gained knowledge and even more experience. Nothing to be ashamed of.

At the end of the day I have to say that I am happy to be in the place that I am in now. And I am happy to share with you what is about to come.

First things first: Remember when You guys wanted me to make T-shirts? And I just couldn’t figure it out? Well guess what? WE MADE T-SHIRTS (took us a while… a couple of artists, tryouts and a lot of fun). So… I am proud to invite you to the merch page or teespring store (yes, outsourced it due to the fact that teespring is a no-danger solution for a creator) Also feel free to give me some new merch ideas 🙂

We have also released a new stickers pack! (With the same graphics as on t-shirts, yes) featuring some awesome artists and ideas (the kitties and coffee have found their places too)

So… as always – don’t hesitate to send me an email on with a subject “Stickers, please!” and Your full address (with country) to get a sticker pack GIVEAWAY. (just be patient, I send via economy)

Ok that’s it when it goes to exciting news.

Now some less exciting news – what’s going to happen next? Well… 2018 was indeed eye opening.

We have decided that during 2019 we will participate on less races (reasons more or less known to public, let’s not get too deep into it). But have more fun with what we love. 
As much as we have traveled last year – we haven’t really seen much. This is something that needed to change. So from time to time I will be releasing some more… travel/freestyle/long range videos (that sounds complicated) that will either be on my own personal adventure, or when traveling together with friends from the community.
We also want to meet with more of local people and have fun together (on fun races, cool spots and so on)

So! On the “events” page – You can find the events that we will be attending. With their names, dates and cities. In the future I will be also adding there some “meet and greet” events, as well as conferences, regular trips and so on, so You can always reach out and spend some time with us as a group

(This info will be also posted on my Facebook page)

Our plan is to feature more amazing people, do more “cool stuff”, share the hobby, give some smiles and just enjoy the hobby as a whole (something that seems to be forgotten about unfortunately). WHO’S WITH US!?

Now… what is this website about?

I am following you on instagram, facebook and youtube already. What’s the point?

Well… I guessed that it looks more professional to have a website (interesting thought). And I feel a bit more organized when I can just put all the events in one place (did You know that our team – Infinity Spin has the events calendar on the website too?)

So it’s easier for you to check out what’s going to happen next or where to find me!

I also want to add some more depth to the content I am creating.

I mean… 5 min videos and Instagram posts are cute and nice. I also recently started adding some narration to the videos. I hope you like this style. I’m just not able to put everything in there that I want to. So – on this website I will be making some kind of “posts” on which I will be adding some more information about events, organizers, people met, talented souls and things we have seen (and eaten. Because food is important ya know???)

For those aiming for more – Here is a place where I will share more in-depth information and opinions (and shamelessly feature my friends and myself. And a lot of cats!)

I will also be posting about some news and ideas here. (because Instagram is not enough)

Grab your gear and join me on this brand new adventure!

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