I drink and I know things – Dubrovnik

Let me begin with the background:

There are some places you will visit in your lifetime – that will simply change you and open your eyes for more.

In may I was lucky to visit the dream city of every Game of Thrones fan – Dubrovnik (Kings Landing). I would lie if I said that it wasn’t planned to get there (I was planning it since I’ve heard about going to Croatia), but for being honest – I wasn’t ready for all I have seen and felt there.

The amount of places that I knew from Game Of Thrones was beyond my imagination. I was hoping to see 2 or 3 spots, and the Black Water bay…
And thanks to Tour the game of thrones I was able to see way more than I expected.

I have found Tour the game of thrones through Trip advisor (check out their Trip advisor page here). I usually use trip advisor to help me find best restaurants and things to do around the city I visit (check out my profile on trip advisor! I am not as active there as I want to – but it’s work in progress). Long story short – that was the coolest trip I could find, and the reviews were super positive – click.

First hours in Dubrovnik I have spent alone – walking around, flying drones and remembering the beauty of the city itself. Let’s now appreciate that I wasn’t ready. I never read anything about Dubrovnik, and I was like a lost child – walking around and making pictures. (which is the most usual way of me sightseeing). 

Once the booked trip was getting closer – the weather decided to work against me (it happens) so most of the trip we have spent in rain. And here I have to thank Karmen, my guide – for being super supportive and dedicated to her mission. (watch the ending of my video to know why). Karmen was an amazing person, full of knowledge not only about Game of Thrones, but also about Dubrovnik and its area. 

The Game Of Thrones walking trip was an amazing experience. 
I saw the smallest details and most unusual places used for the TV series. As well as little city secrets and hidden gems. 

After checking the Croatian drone laws (with my ultimate fav provider) I have managed to fly in a safe way. What does it mean? There were hundreds and thousands of people around every inch of the city, yes. What I have done was an “out of the box” idea. I have rented a speed boat (speed boats have a nice flat front that can be used for landing) and flown from a moving boat! 

It’s hard to describe all the things I have seen and the feelings that followed – but let me show you.


I wish I have known that the tour guides were making a longer trips that included an island, where Quarth was filmed. But I can assure You – I will be back. This time better prepared and with more time. 

Would you like to visit Dubrovnik? What other places are on Your Bucket list?