Jokes aside

Have You seen my April fools joke on instagram, facebook & twitter?

If not – check one of them out. Otherwise:

Due to the fact that as a woman I am not really interested in technology or drones (biology and evolution reasons) I have decided to stop pretending and do what I am really interested in.

So, starting today I have decided to become a model.




Now for real – how stupid this sounds?

April fools are a nice occasion to get onto something. 
The knife opens in my pocket every time I see people talking about “how we have not had many women scientists and creators throughout history!” 

Like… you say? 
Fun facts:

  • First woman that was allowed to be a student in MIT was Ellen Swallow Richards (class of 1873)
  • The first woman to be admitted to Harvard Medical School in 1936 was Mundo
  • Maria Sklodovska Curie was admitted to University of France in 1894

Interesting dates? Most of schools have not allowed women to join (Google which woman got into an university by a vote, and just because everyone thought it was a joke)

It was not an evolution that forbid women from doing science. It is not biology that keeps women and girls “not interested”

Where am I going with this?

Let’s play a game.

Name 5 women in science who You know – and learnt something about. They can be scientists, engineers, doctors and whatever. Maria Sklodovska Curie is off the table

For being honest – I have failed this game first time I was about to play. Why? 
My school education about women in science started and finished on Maria Sklodovska Curie. 
For the sake of this post. Let’s take Ellen and Mundo off the table too. 
How many can You name?

We don’t teach about women in science. How our children are supposed to know that there are any?

Now some of you will say “yes, but no one is forbidding women to participate in classes and to be interested.” 
And here yet another thing that I need to share. Yes
Have You seen my interview with Michael Rollins? <-check it out if you haven’t.

The problem does not belong to one gender. The opportunity to actually go to school and get interested is being taken away from a lot of children all around the world. 
Some girls are forbidden to go to school along with their first period (age 8/11). How can you pursue or be interested in this age? 

I am supporting a great organisation, Pencils of promise – for years now. They believe in giving a chance and opportunity to children in Asia and Africa – to be schooled and get some education. 
Worth reading about and supporting them. Long story short – they build schools, they give water, they teach children. Equally.

Quick conclusion: was it biology and evolution that is forbidding women to get interested? 
No… It’s mostly people that are doing it to other people.

It is how it is

Maybe instead of focusing on “how it is” we should start pushing for a change. Every person matters, and with a right approach we can make a change. For the better future of those who come after us. Instead of pushing towards “how it is”?


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