Team MRO race

The team MRO Race was organised in an old factory, which gave it some grungy effect. I was afraid of concrete and steel (rightfully so: 3 quads dead, but that later) but I had a lot of fun!

Full video can be found here.

We got to know about this event by incident. One of our friends during the DDS Alkmaar race and we just had to register! (Mainly because we were promised pizza). 

The venue was one of the old buildings that are now being used by artists and small business owners. Once big factory now became our playground. Such places have their pros and cons. The biggest “+” is the fact that you are indoors and you can use the in-built obstacles. The biggest “-” is that the in-built obstacles are mostly steel. There’s a lot of concrete too!

Such stuff normally causes a lot of damage of which I am afraid (and rightfully so). I have left the event with “box of sadness” which was basically box filled with my 3 busted quads.

Team MRO did their best in the organisation of the event. Everything went smoothly and with almost no delays. The timing system was precise, the track repairs were quick, and there were almost no problems with things around (we had one burning LiPo). 

I love to say how much I love the community and people around me. And this time it was also the case – without those people – events would be dull, no matter how exciting the venue or track is. 

We have also got a “pizza break” (for which we actually came) in which everyone just stopped flying and enjoyed the meal together. Which I personally think is a great idea. When everyone can just calm down, enjoy the world around and talk to others.

The weather allowed us to feel comfortable even in such a big hall I personally thought it will be super cold). So flying was a pure pleasure. 

The track itself was created by one of the Drone Racing League pilots – ShaggyFPV. Who went above and beyond when it goes to “using space”. It was really technical and included a lot of turns that were easy to miss or forget about the first couple of times). Which was enjoyable and demanding goooooood)

What was also amazing about the event itself was the fact that it just lasted one day. Both Franz and me started to enjoy such events even more. Because they allow us to do some sightseeing before w go back home. Which is usually impossible if you want to be back at work on Monday. 

All things considered: I have really enjoyed yet another Netherlands race, and I am super happy to come back whenever asked to do so. We truly enjoy the country as well! Its super beautiful. I cant wait to share the travel post about it)

Destroyed gear? Its all worth it if I can go outside and have fun with my friends. Check out the video on my YouTube for the full experience!

And let me know what do You think about it on my facebook fan page! 

Thank You for having me and I hope to see You soon!