Train Insane Velocidrone – My game and drone settings

My Velocidrone game and quad settings

Hey guys!
Many of you have asked me to share the settings I have on my velocidrone as well as my drone settings, PIDS and rates! As the Train Insane Velocidrone is picking up – I needed to come up with an answer that would fit everyone’s needs and be easy to share while not eating time on the video.

Here’s full Screenshot gallery so you can make your drone fly like mine!

Contents of this post:
Game settings – screen
Quad settings
Drone Settings
Advanced Setup
1-on-1 consultations


Just a short disclaimer: Those are my personal settings, a lot of those may be really personal and may not suit you. Also, the tightness on your remote may change the general feeling. Be sure to set the drone as you fit best

Game settings – screen

Quad settings:

Drone settings

As a drone I have picked the Five33 Switchback – reason being – this is the closest frame and spec to what I am flying in real life (QAAD SKINNY). Be sure to always pick up a drone with frame and specs the most similar to what you are currently flying to get the most “real feel” results.

I would also recommend the size of props to be 5146 for more “real feel” to the racing drones. You can skip prop wash. But remember to add the battery mass effect. I am using here the 4S 1800mah 100C because that is the heaviest thing you can get in the game.

Advanced setup (PIDS and rates)

Yes… I don’t use an expo at all, and this is the closest I managed to get to my current setup on real quad (I mean… it feels similar in the virtual air)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What radio do you use?
I use the Radiomaster TX16S Max

How are your sticks set?
I prefer my sticks to be more tight than loose. And my throttle is a bit stiffer than the rest of the sticks. Tough to explain really

Are you a thumber/pincher/hybrid?
I am a thumber, and this is why I like my sticks a bit stiffer. If you are a pincher or a hybrid – you should set them a bit looser.

Can I get a 1 on 1 lesson with you to get my drone racing skills better?
Sure, you can schedule an appointment with me and I will spend time with you on polishing your skills in 1on1 call with a private velocidrone room. If needed – we will extend the time of the consultation!

How many hours of sim should I spend before flying a real drone?
Everything between 10 and 30 – it depends on your muscle memory. be sure to fly in an empty field for your first time for your personal safety!

Why Velocidrone?
I can make tracks in it easily and it’s the most popular sim for Drone Racing pilots 🙂

Where can I support this project?
Simply watch my videos and share them with everyone!
If you want to support it with money: you can check out my patreon, buy me a coffee or donate via PayPal


I hope this list helps you with setting up things for yourself! Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions!