Why Your FPV videos don’t get many views on YouTube – and how to fix that

Why Your FPV videos don’t get many views on YouTube!? 5 steps to fix that

So… you have spent hours editing this awesome video and put it on YouTube. Now the views, likes and subscribers will totally come! This video is beyond epic!

And they never do come.

I know a lot of awesome creators who just don’t have a just numbers on their videos that they do deserve. And this is a thing that I see a lot of times on daily basis. How to fix this situation? Here’s 5 tips on how to get those views, proper branding and grow your YouTube channel – organically and for good.
If you are a fan of pictures rather than texts – check out the video I made about the subject on my YouTube channel


Short and snappy titles telling what the video is actually about – will get you really far. Rather than using some kind of sayings or random stuff that you find “funny”. And hear me out – I was totally doing this before. I thought if I put a fun title or summary of the thing without any actual info on what is this video about – people will click it just to know what happened there. And I was so… damn… wrong…

The algorithm of YouTube has no idea how to promote your video among people like your audience, because the keywords don’t match (or… they don’t exist at all). Doesn’t matter if all your tags are right – the title also plays a valid role in the algorithm.

Perfect title should include: The subject of the video (like drone, fpv, review, first impressions) & A catchy phrase that can be searchable. After you have some kind of a fanbase – you can also add something that will make people know it is you making the particular video. For example – all of my videos titles end with “|MaiOnHigh” <- and it cannot get more straight forward than this. A lot of creators use this idea.

Important notice though – starting every video with your nickname will make people assume that they have already seen this video. Same goes to the same looking thumbnail that looks too similar to others. Our brains will fill the gap and assume “I saw that already”. And since we are on the thumbnail topic:


Most people (and I bet you are included) will click the more “professional looking” thumbnail rather than just a random shot or something that looks too messy.

Don’t waste the space of the thumbnail on like, subscribe and other stuff that just takes space and makes stuff messy. With a thumbnail you are trying to make people click, not like, nor subscribe. After clicking the video – they won’t see it again (And also, a lot of people seeing this will assume that you are up just for likes and subs. And will avoid your video).

Remember that most people watch YouTube through their phones. So the more stuff you will put on your thumbnail – the harder it will get for the viewer to put any type of an attention to the thumbnail itself.

When you are putting any type of text on your thumbnail (a video title would be great) be sure that it is easily viewable on mobile. Make it easy to guess what the video is about and why a person would like to watch it. Put yourself as a person onto the thumbnail to create more interest. As people automatically want to see other people (especially now during COVID19)


So a person clicked your video – wohoo! Congrats on that! Every viewer is a win… oh wait… no. The intro is another key to catch attention, get a sub and get some more views as a person wants to see more (also the more people watch until the end – the happier YouTube will be about you and promote you more). The first 15-20 sec of the video are vital and make a person decide if they want to watch it or not. Sometimes they will switch it off after 5 sec.

Don’t waste this time on logos – if someone saw this sequence already – they will turn it off due to “I saw it before” rule. The intro should always have the most interesting parts of the video, an introduction of what is it about or just an awesome b-roll with cool music and just kind of a trailer to the whole thing. Don’t waste this time on your drone sitting on the ground and taking off after 5 sec. You already lost a viewer if you did it.

Consider it another catch of the viewer. Make him/her want to watch the full video or what is going to happen later. Then it is the time for logos or whatever you wanna put there. after the 15/20 second mark. Never ever before. But keep it simple and fast. 10 sec of logos is already getting too long.

Here’s some example’s of the intros:


Flight footage with drones

Drone racing event


Tags are important both for your channel and for the videos themselves. (yes. Channels have tags. Look it up in channel settings). Remember to ALWAYS add tags and make them as informative as possible (the days of one word tags are long gone). Do not use general tags such as “drone”, “fpv” , “travel” or “vlog”. Rather than that use “travel vlog” <- more specific. “fpv drone” <- even more specific. or… “emax tinyhawk II freestyle review” rather than “emax” “review” etc.
Using general tags is ok, but put as many specific ones as possible for better results. As it helps the algorithm to put your video out there. There’s a lot of search terms – and a lot of people use them. So it’s easy to get lost in the crowd instead of shining bright like a star.

So if we stay with the emax tinyhawk freestyle II review. Be sure that this key term is in title, description and tags. And therefore, creates a triple tag effect.

There are tools that will help you achieve the best results. My fav one is called VIDIQ and it’s a free browser extension that helps you check how your video will stand compared to others.


Last but not least – the description. It cannot be too short – and it cannot be too long. I personally use a theme that is an upload default. All I am adding is the first 2/3 sentences plus eventual further data (such as affiliate links. And this is an important part – on desktop – the first 2/3 sentences of your description – is what the potential viewer can read. Make it as interesting as possible. Say a bit more about the video or what is it about. Or ask a question to your audience (force their hands onto those keyboards! Also the first 2/3 sentences are what people see under your video before clicking the “show more button”.

This is the place where you are using the triple tags and double tags. So you can list your equipment here – add your social media links and so on and so forth. Do not waste the potential of the “description box” section on… well leaving it blank. Or adding one or two sentences.

Extra section – sub4sub and why to avoid it at any cost

I know sub4sub sounds like an easy win. One click and boom! 100 subs. WRONG. Sub4sub is creating “ghost subscribers” so people who never viewed (and probably never will) watch any of your videos. Which for YouTube algorithm screams “this channel is not relevant”. And as a result – gets your videos lower and lower in the search. Making it even harder to grab attention of potential viewers and fans. Even one trip to sub4sub world makes it really hard for you to get out of that. And it means easy start and extremely hard future. While getting your views and subs organically – makes it easier for you to grow, grab attention of viewers and getting new subscribers.

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